Transplant Anesthesia – Montefiore Medical Center – Bronx, New York City

Message from Division Chief, Dr. Marina Moguilevitch, MD, FASA

Adult and pediatric liver transplants have been performed at Montefiore for more than 10 years. Recognizing the unique challenges of liver transplant surgery, we put together an exclusive team of anesthesiologists dedicated to the care of our patients. The Transplant Anesthesia team is proud to be an integral part of this endeavor and we also take pride in working together with our Transplant Surgical colleagues on these complex surgeries. We are determined to provide the best clinical care for our patients based on the latest academic achievement and research in transplantation.

Specialized Care in Kidney and Liver Transplantation

The Transplant Anesthesia team provides state-of-the-art care in pediatric and adult kidney, pancreas, and liver transplantation for adult and pediatric patients at the Montefiore Einstein Center for Transplantation, a Center of Excellence. In addition to our focus on kidney and liver transplants, we are dedicated to providing the best anesthetic care for hepatobiliary surgical cases. The Division of Transplant Anesthesia is comprised of an exceptional group of adult and pediatric anesthesiologists who deliver excellent perioperative care for our patient population and who work closely with our transplant surgical colleagues throughout the perioperative period. We actively participate in the selection process, pre-and postoperative care, pain management and long-term follow up of our patients. The Transplant Anesthesia team is also instrumental in working with donors and recipients in Montefiore’s Living Transplantation Program.

A History of Excellence

Montefiore’s transplant program history goes back to 1967, when the first adult kidney transplant was performed in our institution. In 2008, Montefiore Medical Center opened its Liver Transplant Program. Our hard work and close collaboration with our surgical colleagues over the last 14 years has resulted in great accomplishments, with Montefiore’s Liver Transplant Program achieving the best one-year post-transplant survival rate in the country.

Providing Patient-Centric Care

Our Transplant Anesthesia team provides the following services to our patients:

  • Anesthesia for living and cadaveric liver transplants for adults
  • Anesthesia for living and cadaveric liver transplant for pediatric patients
  • Anesthesia for hepatobiliary surgery
  • Anesthesia for living and cadaveric kidney transplants for adults
  • Anesthesia for living and cadaveric kidney transplants for pediatric patients
  • Anesthesia for combined liver-kidney, liver-heart, liver-lung, and kidney-pancreas transplants
  • Perioperative consultation of the donor and recipient candidates in preparation for liver and kidney transplant surgeries

Research and Discovery

Our Transplant Anesthesiology faculty are involved in multiple research projects in the area of abdominal organ transplantation. We are excited to support our Transplant Surgery Department colleagues in several multicenter clinical trials with a focus on organ preservation and machine perfusion. The results of these studies have been published in peer reviewed journals and presented during national and international meetings. Additionally, members of the Transplant Anesthesia team constantly contribute to the work of regional, national and international transplant organizations as members of various committees and workgroups. They work tirelessly to promote education and to improve patients’ outcomes.

Read our recent publications:

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Our Team

Division Chief: Dr. Marina Moguilevitch, MD, FASA

Dr. Marina Moguilevitch leads Montefiore's team of highly educated and experienced transplant anesthesiologists who provide a superior quality of care as they work closely with transplant hepatologists and the surgical team to ensure the best outcomes for our pediatric and adult patients.

Meet the Transplant Anesthesiology Team.