Transplant Anesthesia
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Transplant Anesthesia

The Transplant Anesthesia Team at Montefiore Medical Center provides state-of-the-art care in pediatric and adult kidney and liver transplantation, as well as combined pancreas-kidney and liver-kidney transplantation.

Montefiore’s transplant program history goes back to 1967, when the first kidney transplant was performed. In 2008, when the hospital opened its liver transplant program, the need to have a team of trained specialists in a very unique area of anesthesia led to the creation of the Transplant Anesthesia Division. In order to fulfill the requirements of the hospital, the division gathered a dedicated group of adult and pediatric anesthesiologists who provide excellent care to the extremely sick patients.

Clinical Excellence

Our anesthesia team works closely with transplant surgeons in the area of perioperative care for transplant patients. We actively participate in selecting the patients for the transplant surgery, pre- and postoperative care, pain management and follow up treatment. Our team is also instrumental in working with donors and recipients in the living transplantation program. We are committed to providing the best care possible for the hepatobiliary surgery cases.

Research and Discovery

The anesthesiologists are working in collaboration with the transplant surgery department on research grants, quality improvement projects and transplant database analysis.

Looking Ahead

Transplantation is a rapidly growing and very dynamic field. We are continuously working to improve patient care in the areas of cadaveric and living kidney and liver transplantation, helping to further develop the pediatric program, and bringing the education about transplantation to our local community.