Critical Care
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Critical Care

As a leading academic medical center and integrated healthcare delivery system, Montefiore Medical Center takes great pride in providing the best care available and maintaining high standards of patient safety. With nearly 300,000 visits per year, Montefiore's emergency department is one of the busiest in the nation. The Department of Anesthesiology works closely in partnership with the award-winning Division of Critical Care Medicine to provide high-quality care to critically ill patients in all intensive care units at its three hospital locations.

To improve and standardize the way critical care was provided throughout Montefiore, critical care specialists developed its "ICU Without Walls" model, which has received national media coverage for its effectiveness. ICU Without Walls keeps medical, surgical, cardiothoracic, neurosurgical, trauma and acute care ICUs under the guidance of 28 critical care specialists from a wide variety of medical backgrounds, including subspecialties such as pulmonology, infectious diseases, surgery and anesthesiology. These board-certified critical care intensivists are able to treat patients needing immediate attention anywhere in the hospital, around the clock. This approach to critical care makes it easy for the staff to draw on the expertise of different medical fields, to the benefit of critically ill patients.

Clinical Excellence

Anesthesiologists are directly involved in the preoperative and postoperative care of critically ill patients, working alongside intensivists. In the operating rooms, they , and while in an ICU, they provide care to all patients. They also participate in consultations to discuss treatment options and surgical plans, and do postoperative follow-up with pain management physicians.