Pediatric Anesthesia

Message from Division Leader, Dr. William Jackson

It is our mission to provide children with the highest standards of clinical excellence, compassionate and collaborative care, patient safety, pain management, and to advance the field of pediatric anesthesiology.

A Top Children’s Hospital Nationwide

Established in 2001, the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Einstein (CHAM) has been consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the leading hospitals in children's care. In the 2021-2022 Best Children's Hospitals rankings, Neonatology, Pediatric Cancer and Gastroenterology & GI Surgery ranked among the top 20 programs in the country, and Nephrology and Neurology & Neurosurgery are in the top 50. Our physicians are pioneers in their fields, redefining the management and treatment of complex and chronic conditions in children. Pediatric anesthesiologists are fully integrated into this framework, working with multidisciplinary teams to optimize outcomes.

Clinical Excellence

Our team of pediatric anesthesiologists is committed to ensuring superior pre-, peri- and postoperative anesthesia care for children of all ages, from neonates to adolescents. Pediatric anesthesiologists are trained in issues specific to children and recognize that children are not "small adults." They understand that disease processes, physical development and medication metabolism vary among children.

Our physicians care for premature babies, newborns, children, and adolescents for routine surgery for the ear, nose, throat, genitourinary operations, general surgery and complex operations for craniofacial reconstruction, neurosurgery, and organ transplantation. We provide anesthetic management of the pediatric patient for cardiac catheterizations, diagnostic imaging, neurological interventional radiology, vascular and interventional radiology, gastrointestinal endoscopy, bronchoscopy and hematologic/oncologic procedures. Our anesthesiologists constantly monitor the child's vital functions and modify anesthetics to ensure maximum safety and comfort. Additionally, our team provides acute pain services for patient-controlled epidural analgesia, perineural catheters and regional nerve blocks.

Research and Discovery

In addition to providing expert clinical care, the physician scientists in the Division of Pediatric Anesthesiology at CHAM investigate a wide range of clinical research topics related to anesthesia and anesthesia outcomes. Areas of investigation include outcomes in the treatment of pediatric scoliosis, opioid sparing techniques in children, pediatric pulmonary hypertension, and neurophysiologic effects during anesthesia using electroencephalography. Our faculty are consistently represented at national and regional conferences and are regularly invited to participate in panels and workshops focusing on pediatric patients.

Education and Training

Our pediatric anesthesiologists are committed to training the next generation of physicians to continue Montefiore Einstein’s highest standard of care to our young patients. In addition to our Pediatric Anesthesia Rotations for residents, we offer a 12-month ACGME approved Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship, which allows trainees to acquire the expertise to become consultants in pediatric anesthesiology.

Meet the Pediatric Anesthesiology team.