General Anesthesiology

Message from the Division Chief, Dr. Tracey Straker

The General Division of Anesthesia prides itself on being the cornerstone of anesthetic management at Montefiore Medical Center. Community-driven care embraces all that enter our scope of practice. We strive to provide exceptional care in a manner that is patient centric, inclusive, and data driven. You can be comfortable with the knowledge that your loved ones are cared for as if they were our loved ones.

Superior Patient-Centric Care

The General Anesthesia division serves as the foundation of clinical services in the Anesthesiology Department. It is the springboard for which all subspecialties originate. The General Anesthesia division is composed of board-certified, experienced faculty that bring a combination of clinical expertise, evidence-based practice, knowledge and use of cutting-edge technology, and personalized service to our patients.

Physicians throughout Montefiore’s procedural specialties rely on our division’s skillset and expertise in areas that extend beyond the traditional operating room setting. While providing non-operating room anesthesia, our general anesthesiologists provide the highest quality of care to ensure the best outcome possible for each patient.

Clinical Services of the Highest Quality

We offer a range of clinical services for Ambulatory, Bariatrics, Endoscopy, General Surgery, Gynecology, Opthamology, Orthopedics, Otorhinolarygology, Oromaxillofacial, Plastics, Urology, Vascular, and Pediatrics.

The highlight of our offerings is the Concierge Anesthesia Service (CAS), a newly formulated service that highlights our dedication to seamless patient transitions in the perioperative arena. From the surgeon’s office to the operating room, the CAS guides the patient through their operative experience. The General Anesthesia team is comprised of an exceptional group of practitioners dedicated to optimal patient outcomes and personalized patient care.

Meet the General Anesthesia Team.