Pediatric Anesthesia
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Pediatric Anesthesia

The Division of Pediatric Anesthesiology is committed to providing educational programs in a collaborative learning environment that enables students, residents and fellows to acquire and maintain the full range of skills necessary to provide the best care possible to children who have become sick or injured.

We offer an exemplary one-year ACGME-accredited fellowship in pediatric anesthesiology. Our fellows receive thorough, multi-faceted training and emerge with the expertise to care for even the most critically ill child.

Our fellows have the unique opportunity of serving children from not only the culturally diverse borough of the Bronx, but also those who travel to CHAM from all around the tri-state area, country and the globe. In addition to the most advanced clinical skills, we train fellows to understand the various developmental and psychological stages of their young patients.

At CHAM, we handle over 4000 surgical cases a year across all subspecialties. Fellows will rotate through our pediatric intensive care unit for one month, the pediatric pain service for one month; receive one month of elective time, as well as one month of research time.

During the remaining time, fellows perform pediatric general as well as pediatric neurosurgical, thoracic and cardiac anesthesia in CHAM operating rooms and offsite locations.

We offer two positions annually and participate in the NRMP program for both of these positions.

  Veronica Carullo, MD
  Director, Pediatric Pain Management
  Director, Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Program
  Montefiore Medical Center
  Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology & Pediatrics
  The University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  Office: 718-920-8839 | Fax: 718-652-4018

  Fellowship Coordinator, Ms. Sylvia Santiago at
  Anesthesiology Graduate Medical Education Office
 Telephone: 718-920-4383




1. Anesthesiology Basic Exam Report

2. CA1 In-training Exam/ITE Score and Percentile Report

3. Please answer the following questions on ERAS in the Personal Statement:

Question 1: What particular personal qualifications and characteristics will allow you to become an effective consultant in pediatric anesthesiology, and why is it important to you to become a pediatric anesthesiologist?

Question 2: Please choose two of the following questions and answer each one. Please be sure to copy and paste the question you have chosen to answer just above each response.

2a: How will completion of training in a pediatric anesthesiology fellowship allow you to further your goals?

2b. Describe what you consider to be your most significant contribution or achievement, including the impact you made.

2c. Being a part of hospital leadership should be important to anesthesiologists. What role do you think you might take within the leadership structure of your future hospital?

2d. Describe a challenging situation in your life or career and what you learned from it.