Endoscopic & Advanced Endoscopic Anesthesia

Clinical Excellence

Endoscopic & Advanced Endoscopic Anesthesia

Montefiore’s Endoscopic and Advanced Endoscopic Anesthesia Division includes the following disciplines: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Services, Advanced Pulmonary Endoscopic Services, and Pre-Bariatric Surgery Service. As experts in these unique procedures, our anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists provide comprehensive care to our patients through the pre, peri and post procedural periods.

Our highly skilled providers are trained in administering anesthesia for patients with complex comorbidities and conditions and are equipped with the knowledge and most advanced tools to make sure our patients are comfortable and safe throughout their procedure and recovery process. One of our top executive goals for this year is to ensure that patients with complex diseases who need an endoscopy for treatment and hospital discharge receive their diagnostic procedures as soon as reasonably possible.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Our Endoscopic Anesthesia Service is a highly dynamic service that works in partnership with the Department of Medicine’s Division of Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases and the Division of Pulmonary Medicine to ensure each patient is cared for through a multidisciplinary lens. Our anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists create an individualized anesthesia plan for each patient tailored to their medical condition and work together with the proceduralists to ensure optimal outcomes. Additionally, our anesthesiologists work closely with the Endoscopic Unit’s leadership to ensure the unit's overall performance is safe and efficient for all patients and stakeholders.

Providing Patient-Centric Care

Montefiore’s Endoscopic Anesthesia team provides anesthesia services to our patients undergoing the following procedures:

  • Endoscopic ultrasound guided biopsies
  • Endoscopic bronchial biopsies
  • Endoscopic gastrointestinal stenting
  • Endobronchial stenting
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
  • Endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopies (EBUS)