Obstetric Anesthesia Program

At Montefiore, residents pursuing training in obstetric anesthesia are mentored by attending anesthesiologists with expertise and interest in the field. They have an opportunity to hone their skills in a multidisciplinary environment that fosters collaboration, innovation and clinical excellence.

Montefiore provides a full range of obstetric and gynecologic services, and specialized care in high-risk obstetrics for women with medical conditions that could complicate pregnancy. The hospital's 24-hour in-house obstetric anesthesiologists are key members of the surgical team, involved with patient care from the initial consultation. Obstetric anesthesiologists provide pain relief for vaginal deliveries, anesthesia for cesarean sections and postoperative pain relief.

They also participate in consultations with the entire labor team to create a care plan, and spend time with patients to explain the types of anesthesia available, their effects and any associated risks. Anesthesiologists' input is particularly important for women with medical conditions that could complicate pregnancy or labor. In such cases, residents also may interact with colleagues specializing in maternal-fetal medicine, neonatalogy, cardiology, rheumatology, neurology, hematology and urogynecology.

Clinical Excellence, Extraordinary Opportunity

Physicians working in obstetrics and anesthesiology create a rich educational environment for residents, giving them the opportunity to work alongside obstetricians and gynecologists, neonatal specialists, midwives, nurses and nurse practitioners to develop the knowledge, clinical skills and attitudes required for caring for patients on a labor floor. This educational environment promotes cross-disciplinary collaboration in assessing patients and devising individualized care plans.

Superior Faculty

Montefiore's five obstetric practices are staffed by physicians, three of whom are fellowship trained, who also serve on the Albert Einstein College of Medicine teaching faculty. Our obstetric anesthesiologists care for patients at Montefiore's Wakefield and Einstein Campuses.

Didactic and Research Curriculum

Obstetric anesthesia residents learn how to take care of low- and high-risk parturients. They develop expertise in both the techniques of neuraxial anesthesia and how to manage a busy labor floor. During their rotations they participate in interdisciplinary team safety rounds with members of the obstetric, nursing and neonatal teams. They attend core lectures, participate in case discussions, and are responsible for researching and presenting a medical case based on a patient encounter.

Looking Ahead

As the Obstetric Anesthesia Residency Program continues to grow, it plans to increase the number of residents on the service and to create an obstetric anesthesia fellowship to further strengthen the program.