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Sperm donation, commonly referred to as therapeutic donor insemination (TDI), may be the appropriate fertility option for women or couples who cannot conceive a child through traditional methods. In some cases the man's sperm is unable to fertilize the woman's egg due to a vasectomy or chemotherapy treatment, but single women, same sex couples, and those carrying genetic complications are also viable candidates for this solution.

Our physicians at Montefiore's Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Health will thoroughly review all of the benefits and the details of the process with you and help you obtain sperm and receive the required tests. We realize the complex nature of this decision, which is why we have a counselor (link to counseling page here) on staff who will answer all of your questions pertaining to the legalities and potential psychological affects associated with this choice.

As in the case of an egg donor, a sperm donor may be known or anonymous. When opting for an anonymous sperm donor, you should consider and make a list of the most important characteristics you would like to see on a donor profile. These may include: ethnic background, hair and eye color, height, level of education, and perhaps areas of interest.

Donor sperm is obtained as frozen specimens from a licensed and established "sperm bank." Rest assure that the medical screening for donors is extensive, as applicants are tested for infectious diseases, genetic complications, and undergo a thorough review of family and personal medical history, as well as a full semen analysis. However, not all sperm banks test on the same levels as others, so choosing yours wisely is a critical part of the process. Our physicians have longstanding relationships with the most reputable sperm banks across the nation and will guide you through every phase of obtaining sperm specimens.