Genetic Services

Both clinical and laboratory genetic services are available through our Department. The clinical services are situated in the Institute of Women's Health, Genetics and Human Reproduction, and include genetic counseling for a variety of medical and pregnancy-related conditions.

To obtain information on a number of structural and genetic conditions of the fetus, the practice performs procedures such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS) which samples tissue from the afterbirth; amniocentesis which analyzes some of the fluid from the bag of waters; and cordocentesis which samples the fetus' blood directly from the umbilical cord. These specimens, as well as other genetic screens, such as maternal serum and cervical fluid screens, are analyzed in our genetics laboratory, which is located in a building adjacent to the Institute.

Because of the academic nature of our practice, women have ready access to cutting-edge techniques, such as a screen for inhibin which is currently performed at only two sites in the United States.

In addition to its strong emphasis on pregnancy-related screening and diagnosis, the genetics division also provides genetic counseling and screening for women at risk for ovarian, breast, and related cancers which may have a familial tendency.