The Translational Research Environment

The Translational Research Environment

Effective implementation of clinical and translational research requires a multidisciplinary approach, which includes clinical, basic science and epidemiology expertise. Montefiore—the University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine—is home to such expertise for women's cancer. Divisional members have active, multifaceted clinical and translational research programs in all of these cancers, including:  

  • Cervical cancer:  The Division has been focused on the treatment and prevention of cervical cancer for more than two decades. Members of the Division, have been actively involved in translational studies targeting the cause of cervical cancer, human papillomavirus (HPV). Part of the research focus also involves prevention and prediction of outcomes using biomarker profiles. Division faculty and fellows are actively involved in numerous clinical trials in cervical cancer therapy and prevention.

Dr. Einstein, a recognized leader in clinical research and a leader in multiple national clinical trial consortia, oversees the clinical research trials for gynecologic oncology.

  • Ovarian cancer:  The Division has multiple clinical and translational research studies in ovarian cancer and overcoming chemotherapy resistance. Members of the Division are internationally recognized scientists at Einstein, including Susan Horwitz, MD, have been investigating mechanisms for overcoming chemotherapy resistance and investigating new drugs against ovarian cancer in early development.
  • Uterine cancer:  In part due to the obesity epidemic, there has been a rapid recent rise in uterine cancers in the United States.  Our physicians work with teams of investigators at Einstein to better elucidate molecular and hormonal pathways that lead to uterine cancer. All Divisional members are actively involved in clinical trials in women with high-risk and other uterine cancers.
  •  Other related cancer research:  The Division collaborates with other clinical and basic science departments in basic, translational and clinical research activities, including palliative care, epidemiology, infectious disease and immunology, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, experimental therapeutics and Phase I clinical trials. June Hou, MD, is a gynecologic oncologist who is a member of the Phase I clinical trials team at Einstein Cancer Center.

    For a list of our open clinical trials in women’s cancers, please search our clinical trials database.