Reproductive and Medical Genetics - Programs and Services - Bronx - Westchester - New York - Montefiore Medical Center

We offer one of the most well established and premier prenatal diagnosis programs in the Metropolitan New York City/Westchester County area. Our program is based on the collaborative efforts of a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of physicians, genetic counselors, and research scientists working in a state-of-the-art genetic testing laboratory.

While genetic research and information is growing at a rapid pace, our mission has remained the same: to provide a comprehensive, expert Medical Genetics service program for the prevention, diagnosis and management of genetic problems related to pregnancy.

The program focuses exclusively on the interaction of genetics and pregnancy with over 1500 amniocenteses performed yearly.

Who may benefit from a comprehensive consultation?

  • Patients with personal or family history of a genetic disorder who are currently pregnant or considering pregnancy in the future.
  • Patients requiring assessment of fetal birth defects identified through prenatal ultrasound during a current or prior pregnancy.
  • Cancer counseling: With the recognition of genetic changes identifying patients at risk for breast, ovarian, endometrial and colon cancer, a screening program is available to counsel and treat patients with personal or family histories of cancer. This program includes consultation and counseling by a genetic counselor and gynecologic oncologist.

Multidisciplinary Care Management

Because our program prides itself on its multidisciplinary approach to genetic disorders, our team is made up of professionals with a broad range of expertise including:

  • Physicians who are board certified in both Obstetrics & Gynecology and Medical Genetics, including expertise in detailed fetal ultrasonography,
  • Physicians who are board certified in Pediatrics and Medical Genetics,
  • Board certified Genetic Counselors.

If an abnormality is detected or further follow-up is required, our program works very closely with other state-of-the-art programs at Montefiore Medical Center, including experts in fetal heart ultrasound, pediatric surgery and other specialties. To provide the most comprehensive care possible, a full service genetics laboratory is available on site, directed by PhDs who specialize in genetic testing.