Reproductive Medicine Treatments and Procedures

Cutting-Edge Treatments Options

At MIRMH, we offer safe, effective treatment solutions to overcome various conditions that cause infertility. However, an optimal treatment path begins with a precise diagnostic plan, so we tailor it for each patient. For example, if a woman has polycystic ovary syndrome and tends to gain weight because she's insulin resistant and has elevated androgens, she might take steps to alter her lifestyle to lose weight to reverse the insulin resistance, but for someone else with the same condition, she may require induced ovulation or long-term metabolic control.

This distinguished care stems from our wealth of experience treating patients from all types of medical backgrounds, as well as optimizing pregnancy chances for the approximate 15% of couples who have 'unexplained infertility,' that is, those with no scientific explanation for their difficulties conceiving after one year of unprotected intercourse. Our treatment options span the gamut, from the fundamental to the most advanced Assisted Reproductive Technologies, including: