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Research & Publications

The Montefiore Human Performance Lab

Montefiore’s Human Performance Lab—under the direction of Matthew N. Bartels, MD, MPH , chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation—is the hub of cutting-edge cardiopulmonary research.

One of Dr. Bartels’ key areas of research is the pulmonary mechanics of patients with respiratory issues. In the Human Performance Lab, he and his team are examining the physiologic basis for cardiopulmonary disease in order to develop innovative and safe rehabilitation approaches. They are evaluating patients with not only cardiac and pulmonary illness, but metabolic disorders as well.

The Human Performance Lab employs the most advanced technology and techniques including the OptoElectronic Plethysmography (or OEP) System, a product that allows our researchers to see what part of the chest is inflating or deflating during the breathing cycle and observe pulmonary volume changes, breath by breath, over long periods of time.

The test is non-invasive and can be used during static tasks, as well as while exercising on the ergometer or treadmill.

In addition, working with our Sports Medicine team, the Human Performance Lab is used by high-performing athletes to gauge their exercise capabilities and training thresholds.