Prosthetic and Orthotic Bracing

Whether from trauma, vascular disease, diabetes or congenital abnormality, the loss of a limb can impact a patient's lifestyle and self-image. For some, a prosthesis (an artificial limb or device that substitutes for a missing body part) may be useful.  Our prosthetics service is designed to speed healing, restore confidence and help people living with a partial or total loss of a limb due to injury, illness or a congenital condition regain the ability to move freely and independently with a new prosthesis.

Patients in need of a brace or splint because of pain, disabilities and injuries to the spine or extremities, turn to us for a specially designed device, called an orthosis, to meet their needs.

We pride ourselves on an extremely personalized, sensitive approach that revolves around each patient’s individual needs and concerns. Our full range of services includes:

  • Evaluation
  • Fitting
  • Monitoring
  • Long-term care and support needed to ensure that all equipment continues to fit and work properly


Multidisciplinary Approach: Many Benefits for You

Our prosthetics and orthotics clinics are run by our caring and knowledgeable physiatrists, who will work closely with our licensed prosthetists and orthotists, as well as a team of occupational and physical therapists that help our patients regain mobility and successfully resume your daily routine.