Our Strategic Plan

We believe the key to our success stems from four distinct goals:

    1. Create a Culture of High Performance, Motivation, and Fulfillment
      How we’ll achieve this:
      • Optimizing the quality of care
      • Improving performance on quality and patient satisfaction metrics
      • Building and sustaining a culture of safety
      • Achieving lasting improvement in patient experience
      • Providing continuity across the full range of clinical services for all patients


    2. Maintain Strong Financial Health
      How we’ll achieve this:
      • Stabilizing near-term margins
      • Reducing short-term operating costs


    3. Improve Staff Engagement
      How we’ll achieve this:
      • Fostering supportive alliances and partnerships
      • Improving leader engagement
      • Promoting the safety of our staff
      • Recognizing and rewarding staff for professional practice excellence
      • Optimizing care teams to improve efficiency and quality within and across care settings


    4. Invest in State-of-the-art Facilities and Technology
      How we’ll achieve this:
      • Optimizing the use of EMR and other healthcare technologies
      • Upgrading existing electronic tools to optimize communication
      • Exploring and investigating new Rehabilitation specific technologies to enhance future care


To schedule an appointment, please call us at 833-REHAB-01 (833-734-2201).

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