Housing: FAQ

What is the purpose of Montefiore housing?

Montefiore Housing provides affordable housing to house staff at two residential buildings.

Who is eligible for housing?

For the two main properties (Monte II, Riverdale), only house staff are eligible. The house staff office makes the final determination of eligibility.

What properties are available to house staff?

Montefiore II - 3450 Wayne Avenue
Riverdale - 3636 Waldo Avenue

Application FAQs

How do I apply for housing (House Staff)?

Click here for the online Housing application.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets are strictly prohibited by your lease.

What utilities are included with my rent?

Montefiore II:   Water/Sewer, Gas, Electric
Waldo: Water/Sewer, Gas

What are the occupancy standards?

Unit Size Occupancy Standards

  • Single eligible individual
  • Couple
1 Bedroom
  • Couple
  • Couple with child
  • Single eligible individual with child
2 Bedroom
  • Couple with up to two dependent children.
  • Single parent with one or more dependent children. (Preference will be given to applicants with more than one minor dependent.)

*For First Time Applicants Only- We will consider your household composition at the time of application.  For example, if you can provide proof of residency for parent(s) and/or immediate family member that confirms they have lived with you prior to your application, they may be considered as part of your total household size.

Did you receive my application?

You will receive all application status updates through the email address that you provided on your application. We recommend you provide an address that you will have access to through July.

You should have received an email confirming receipt of your application as soon as it was received. If you did not, please contact the Housing office at 718-920-5088.

You may not receive another email until May 1, the date when house staff will confirm your eligibility. The Housing office will make assignments in the first few weeks of May. We will attempt to notify all applicants of their assignment status no later than May 20.

Please do not call the office prior to May 20 for an update on your status, unless you did not receive a confirmation of receipt email.

How do you decide who gets an apartment?

Housing is not guaranteed for any applicant. The Housing office works with the House staff office to determine assignment criteria. Einstein students are given first priority due to Montefiore's association with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Remaining assignments are made based on program department, length of program, and the distance of your current address.

Please note that the address you use on your application should reflect your current address as of the application date. For example, if you grew up in Austria, but spent the last year in the Bronx; you are considered local, not international.

Can I request a particular floor or unit?

Housing is assigned based on eligibility, availability and occupancy standards. We will consider all reasonable requests, but we are not able to accommodate specific preferences. Please note any preferences in the remarks section of the application.

Can I view a model apartment/my assigned apartment?

Due to the heavy amount of turnover and the fact that most units are occupied through June 30, we are unable to allow you to view units. If you are assigned a unit, you may see the floor plan here.

Can I move before July 1?

Current occupants generally have until June 30 to move out. If your unit is available earlier and all required documents and payments have been received by our office, we will allow you to move a few days earlier at no additional expense to you.

You will be notified if you can move early via email at the address you used on your application. Call volume is especially high in June and we ask that you not call to inquire about an early move, we WILL email you if you unit is available early. If you do not receive such an email, you can pick up your keys on the 1st day of your lease.

I no longer need housing/I do not want the unit I was assigned; what should I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are no longer interested in being assigned a unit. We have a long wait list each year and someone else will likely be very happy to take your place. If you are still interested in housing, but not the unit assigned to you; please notify us and we can keep you on the waiting list.

I was waitlisted for housing, what next?

We will keep all wait listed applicants on our wait list until July 31. A number of units will become available over the next few months.

Move In FAQs

Where do I pick up my keys?

Your keys can be picked up at the front desk of the building that you are assigned to on the start date of your lease.

How can I get parking?

Parking is limited and not guaranteed at any property.

Tenants of 3450 Wayne Avenue are eligible for parking in the garage at 3450 Wayne Avenue. You must contact the 210th Street garage to be placed on the wait list. Call 718-920-6350.

Tenants of Waldo Avenue may fill out the application included with their lease and return to the housing office via email at phippoly@montefiore.org.

Click here for the Waldo Avenue parking application. Available only to residents of 3636 Waldo Avenue.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets are strictly prohibited.

Why do I need renter's insurance?

The building does not cover tenants' personal belongings. If a tenant has damage to their personal belongings, they must make a claim to their renter's insurance company. The company may in turn make a claim to building insurance depending on the circumstances.

Current Tenant FAQs

Can I install my own carpet, cabinets, etc.

Requests to make renovations must be made in writing to the housing manager. If approved, the contractor must provide a certificate of insurance. The tenant is still responsible for leaving the unit in the same condition it was received.

For example, if the tenant puts in carpeting and it damages our tile floors, the tenant will be held responsible for the damage.

Can I have a grill on my terrace?

Grills of any kind are prohibited by NYC and Montefiore Fire policy.

I forgot my keys what should I do?

Lockouts are responded to during regular business hours, as a courtesy. After hours and on weekends, a tenant must call a locksmith at his own expense. Tenants will also be responsible for re-keying the lock to the master cylinder, if necessary. If lockouts during regular hours are deemed excessive, we reserve the right to forego lockout service.

Who is eligible to request a transfer to a new unit?

Please see transfer policy here.

An applicant is eligible for a transfer if:

  1. They are a member of House Staff
  2. They are making a move to a larger type unit (no lateral moves allowed) and qualify for the larger unit based on occupancy standards
  3. They have lived in Montefiore Housing for at least 6 Months

NOTE: There are no fees to transfers, however, the paint rider is still in effect.

Transfers are not made during the turnover months (May - September).

Click here for the transfer application.

Can I install a washing machine/dishwasher in my unit?

No. The plumbing is not set up to handle in-unit washers or dishwashers. Your lease can be cancelled for violating this policy and you will be responsible for any damage caused by any unauthorized installations.

Rental Payment FAQs

Will my rent come from my paycheck?

If the tenant is on Montefiore payroll, the payroll deductions will commence on the second month of the lease term.  1st month's rent and security deposit must be paid by certified check or money order before the lease commencement date.

Rent will automatically be deducted from  the first two pay periods of each month; Jacobi residents must pay by check as we do not have access to Jacobi payroll.

Even if you are enrolled for payroll deduction, you are responsible for timely rental payments.  If for any reason, full payment is not made via deduction for a given month, you must remit payment via personal check or money order for any balance owed by month's end or be subject to applicable late fees.

Do I have to be on payroll deduction?

All tenants on Montefiore payroll are required to pay by payroll deduction.

Where do I send my payment if I pay by check?

Checks may be left in the Rent Drop Box located in the building lobby of Monte II- 3450 Wayne Avenue; Riverdale- 3636 Waldo Avenue (to the right of the security desk) or mailed to 3300 Bainbridge Ave, Bronx, NY 10467.

Are there late fees for not paying rent/parking on time?

A $35.00 late fee is charged for any rent received after the 10th of each month. As payroll deduction is taken throughout the month and not in advance, the fee applies if full monthly payment is not made by the last day of the month.
If you are on leave or for other reasons, and the full rent is not taken through payroll deduction, you must pay any balance by check.

What are the fees for a bounced check (NSF check)?

A $50.00 fee, or our actual charge from the bank if it is higher, is charged for a payments not honored by the bank.

Is the rent payroll deduction pre or post tax?

The rent payroll deduction is post tax. You do pay taxes on the portion of the paycheck that goes towards rent.

Is rent pro-rated if I move before the end of the month?

No, all lease renewals are for the entire month. Rent is not pro-rated.

What utilities are included with my rent?

Monte II:   Water/Sewer, Gas, Electric
Waldo: Water/Sewer, Gas

Program Ending/Move Out FAQs

My program is ending. Can I stay in Montefiore Housing?

Housing is strictly reserved for House Staff members. Once a House Staff member's program ends, they are no longer eligible for housing. Housing cannot be extended. No exceptions. Extensions cannot be given by your department head or director.

My program is ending AND I was hired as an attending doctor at Montefiore, can I stay in Montefiore Housing?

Housing is strictly reserved for House Staff members. Once a House Staff member's program ends, they are no longer eligible for housing even if they are hired by Montefiore in some other capacity, such as attending doctor. Housing cannot be extended. No exceptions.

What notice do I have to give that I am going to move out?

All move outs must be noted for the last day of the month. Rent will not be prorated for moves before the end of the month.

Tenants must give 30 day's written notice of their intent to move out.

Make sure to include the lease end date, program end date, the name and apartment number of the tenant, forwarding address and phone number, if known.

Is there anything I need to do on my moving day?

Leave your unit in broom clean condition and hand your keys to the security guard or superintendent. Sign the move out log book at the front desk.

Security Deposit FAQs

When will I receive my deposit?

We will process your deposit within two weeks of your lease end date. You will receive your full deposit, minus any amount taken for damages or arrears, within two months. Please be sure you have provided us with a forwarding address.

I don't have a forwarding address yet, how can I get my security deposit back?

Please provide a phone number or email address where you can be reached after your move. Unclaimed checks can be picked up at the Housing office through September.

Why will it take so long to get my deposit back?

We do our best to process all move outs as soon as possible. After our office signs off, the requests then go to the Financial Accounting Department. Financial Accounting reviews and sends the request to the bank. The bank will then send us the payment and we will then mail it out promptly to you.

For what reasons would I lose all or part of my security deposit?

Most tenants receive their full deposit back and normal wear and tear is expected. When you move out, the unit is expected to be left in "broom clean" condition. You may lose all or a portion of your deposit if the unit is especially dirty, if furniture is left behind, or if there is damage to your unit not attributable to normal wear and tear.

Please click here for move out instructions.

If you would like to be present during your pre-vacate inspection please schedule a time on the inspection sign-up sheet located at the your building's front desk.

How much will I lose from my security deposit for a certain infraction?

If you have arrears, we will take the amount owed and return any remainder.

General Price for common infractions and actual price may be higher, depending on our costs:

Schedule of Common Charges
House Lock $180.00
Broken Window $150.00 - $700.00
Apt. Left Exceptionally Dirty $250.00
Large Furniture Left $250.00
Stove $500.00
Studio $975.00
One Bedroom $1100.00
Two Bedroom $1,375.00
Three Bedroom $1,550.00
Heavy duty priming - Walls Painted Other than Linen White (Per Wall) $200.00
Vanity $900.00
Medicine Cabinet $850.00
Rugs Tacked Down in Unit (full deposit) Minimum of Full Deposit
Refrigerator Minimum of Full Deposit
Kitchen Cabinets Minimum of Full Deposit
Floors Minimum of Full Deposit
This list is meant as a guide and is not meant to be an exhaustive list of potential infractions.

What is the paint rider?

As part of the lease agreement, each tenant must sign the paint rider. The paint rider says that if a tenant voluntarily vacates the unit prior to its due date (three years from the lease start date), the tenant is responsible for the cost of painting the unit when they vacate.

Who does not have to pay the paint rider?

Tenants whose programs have ended, tenants who have resided in the same unit for three or more years and tenants who are terminated are not charged for the basic cost of painting the unit. They may still be charged for any additional expenses we incur, such as additional coats of paint due to dark colors on the walls.