Bioethics Consultation Service

The Bioethics Consultation Service, which is distinct from the Bioethics Committee, is an on-site team of clinical consultants who provide analysis of and recommendations about ethical issues related to patient care. When ethical conflicts arise, a consultant is available to meet with clinicians, patients, caregivers, family members and designated representatives to help clarify issues and reach decisions.

Anyone involved in the patient's care with an ethical concern or question may contact the Bioethics Consultation Service.

The consultant begins by speaking with the person requesting the consult in order to gather information, understand the ethical concern and develop a follow-up plan.  The consultant may then contact others involved in the patient's care. Common interventions by bioethics include discussions with the patient, family and health care team and facilitation of team/family meetings. 

The Bioethics Consultation Service addresses issues relating to the well-being and values of the patient and the choices, rights, and responsibilities of the patient, family, and care team.

Consider consulting Bioethics for the following:

  • End-of-life (i.e. withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment)
  • Decision-Making Capacity
  • Treatment Refusal
  • Surrogate Decision-Making
  • Questions Regarding Advance Directives
  • Requirements of Informed Consent
  • Confidentiality
  • Isolated Patient Without Capacity
  • Conflicts Over Plan of Care
  • Safe Discharge
  • Allocation of Limited Medical Resources
  • Provider Conscientious Objection

To request a bioethics consultation weekdays call 718-920-4630. For urgent matters during evenings and weekends, contact the Assistant Director of Nursing on duty.