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The Competitive Advantages Physicians Need

The Montefiore Integrated Provider Association (MIPA) is a leader in the New York market. Our innovative solutions to the challenges of managed care are evident in our contracting arrangements, provider services and member services, and in our investment in technology and support systems.

MIPA's proven expertise in managed care contracting, successful track record in risk management, and strong financial position have made us the preferred affiliation for the area's most progressive health care providers.

MIPA helps physicians to attract and retain patients in a managed care environment by:

  • Assuming full risk contracts
  • Negotiating preferential contracts with managed care corporations
  • Solving the problem of patient over-utilization
  • Dealing with multiple managed care plans
  • Remaining involved in managing your patient's health care
  • Ensuring that your patients have access to comprehensive, quality health care

We offer:

  • A full range of Provider Services to support physician's relationships with HMO's
  • Extensive Member Services to help manage the needs of patient members
  • Investment in the latest technologies to provide state-of-the-art technical support, enhance services, and maximize revenues and returns

MIPA Makes It Easier To Manage Your Practice, Your Finances, and Your Patients.

Through CMO, The Care Management Company, MIPA has contracted with the major insurance plans in the region. This makes it possible for you to treat members of these plans at preferential capitation rates.

MIPA is designed by and for health care providers. MIPA is run by you, the providers, and Montefiore Medical Center, with decisions made jointly and equally. Providers play a key role in committee structure, policy creation, and the overall management of MIPA.

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