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We go beyond fragmented fee-for-service payments, assuming total responsibility for the quality and costs of care for some of our sickest patients.

Montefiore has launched successful interventions for patients who are at the greatest risk for fragmented care, and has developed an expertise in chronic disease management programs. Our key areas of focus have been in diabetes, heart failure and mental illness. The medical center uses technology to extend our reach. Our telehealth programs allow us to connect with diabetes and heart failure patients so we can intervene as warranted.

We strengthen the social and economic fabric of patients’ lives through innovative community programs, and after our patients have seen their physicians, Montefiore stays in touch to reinforce their treatment plans and make sure our patients maintain healthy and productive lives.

CMO, Montefiore Care Management

CMO, Montefiore Care Management, is a full service care management company that, for more than 15 years, has been front and center in our efforts to revolutionize care management for our patients. We work with a network of more than 3,100 physicians and ancillary providers who provide care to more than 225,000 individuals covered by a variety of private and government-sponsored health insurance programs. Find out more about CMO, Montefiore Care Management.

CMO, Montefiore Care Management - Patient Services

CMO, Montefiore Care Management, offers programs to help patients with complex conditions improve the quality of their lives, ensure that they receive care based on the best medical practices, improve their understanding of their condition and reduce hospital admissions and emergency room visits. CMO care managers coordinate services for members with complex conditions and help them access needed resources. Health plan members enrolled in CMO’s Complex Care Management program are assigned an Accountable Care Manager to work closely with the patient and his or her primary care and specialist physicians. Learn more about the benefits CMO provides healthcare professionals and their patients.

To make a referral to CMO’s care management programs, call 914-378-6721.

Montefiore Integrated Provider Association (IPA)

The Montefiore Integrated Provider Association (MIPA) is a leader in the New York market. MIPA’s innovative solutions to the challenges of managed care are evident in its contracting arrangements, provider services and member services, and in its investment in technology and support systems. MIPA’s proven expertise in managed care contracting, successful track record in risk management, and strong financial position have made it the preferred affiliation for the area’s most progressive health care providers. Learn more about Montefiore Integrated Provider Association.