Bioethics Committee

The Bioethics Committee addresses issues related to the impact of values and preferences of patients, families and providers on medical decisions and hospital culture within Montefiore Medical Center. Members of the committee meet regularly to analyze bioethical issues, develop hospital policy, review cases and promote bioethics education.

The Bioethics Committee is composed of approximately 40 individuals from various departments and groups within Montefiore Medical Center as well as those who have no affiliation with Montefiore, including ethicists, physicians, nurses, social workers, patient representatives, clergy, risk managers and hospital legal counsel. In an effort to maintain a diverse and comprehensive member group, the chair of the committee periodically invites new members to join based on their specific area of expertise or their personal interest in bioethics.

Any Montefiore associate is welcome to attend a meeting of the Bioethics Committee. 

For more information about the bioethics committee, contact the Center for Bioethics.