Staff and Alumni Association

The mission of the Montefiore Staff and Alumni Association is to enhance and strengthen the relationship between Montefiore and its current medical staff and alumni through the development of programs that foster collegiality, education and service. Founded in 1914, the Association has a long history of involvement with patient and community needs and has acted as an advocate for the rights of house staff.

The Association sponsors programs, services and awards to recognize outstanding achievement and to enrich the Montefiore community through annual membership, donations and fundraising projects. These include the Health Sciences Library, career development programs for house staff, an Emergency Loan Fund for House Staff, the Staff and Alumni Scholarship Prize, regional receptions, portraits of physicians who have brought honor and distinction to Montefiore, the Harry M. Zimmerman Archives and support of the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.

Shalom Kalnicki, MD, President
Stephen M. Brenner, MD, Secretary-Treasurer

Executive Committee

Jacqueline A. Bello, MD
Fernando J. Camacho, MD
Michela Catalano, MD
Manash K. Dasgupta, MD
Howard L. Foreman, MD
Ellen Friedman, MD
Rafael Gonzalez-Alonso, MD
Robert Grossberg, MD
Golda Hudes, MD
David M. Kaufman, MD
Mary Alice O’Dowd, MD
Sunju Park, MD
Noah Robbins, MD
Robert A. Sable, MD
Lewis Singer, MD
Catherine Skae, MD
Marin Surks, MD
Majorie Stein, MD
Clement Tagoe, MD
Paul R. Weiss, MD

Administrative Staff
Elaine Taylor, Executive Director
Justice Gaba, Associate Director
Amy Moda, Manager