Around Montefiore

Banking Facilities

There are Chase Bank automatic teller machines (ATM) at the Gun Hill Road entrance in the Silver Zone.

There is an ATM located on the 4th floor.

Banks in the Area

Chase Bank
Jerome Avenue: Three blocks west of 210th Street, entrance and right on Jerome Avenue (east side of the street).

Bainbridge Avenue: Four blocks east from corner of 210th and Bainbridge (east side of the street).

Jerome Avenue: Two blocks west of Gun Hill Road entrance and left on Jerome Avenue (west side of the street).

Bank of America
Jerome Avenue is next to the subway

Other Areas of Interest

VIP's Cafe
131 East Gun Hill Road

Rite Aid Pharmacy
3480 Jerome Avenue

CVS Pharmacy
3125 Bainbridge Avenue
310 East Gun Hill Road

The Home Depot
635 Zerega Avenue

Jerome Avenue

Burger King
Jerome Avenue

Bainbridge and 203rd Street

Gun Hill Road (across from the hospital)