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Montefiore nurses take enormous pride in the high-quality nursing care provided to their patients.

Montefiore Medical Center employs more than 3,000 nurses across more than 50 disciplines. Our nurses are known for their excellence in nursing practice and their compassion and commitment to improving the health of their patients. They choose to practice at Montefiore because of the people, experiences and opportunities that our unique organization offers.

Exceptional Staff of Committed Nurses

Nurses who join Montefiore choose a career, not a job. Studies have shown that stable practice environments allow nurses to provide better care. Our remarkably low nursing turnover and vacancy rate, and a highly experienced and educated nursing staff are all important considerations for patients and nurses who choose Montefiore. 

Ongoing Education

Whether they are teaching or learning, Montefiore nurses are always on the move. Through our generous tuition and continuing education reimbursement programs and seminar days, our nurses have ample opportunities for growth and professional advancement. They regularly attend outside professional development programs and internal in-service programs are regular occurrences.

Nursing Leadership from Within

Montefiore has a history of developing and promoting leadership in our staff nurses. In so doing, nurses are effective mentors, colleagues and partners on our interdisciplinary teams. Nurse-physician collaboration is an underpinning of our teamwork and coordinated care model. We support and invest in the professional growth of our nurses to ensure consistent care of the highest quality for our patients.

Patient Service and Sensitivity

Montefiore nurses take enormous pride in the high-quality nursing care provided to their patients. The patient care experience at Montefiore is one that respects every patient’s background and beliefs. The diversity of our patients is reflected in our nursing staff and their attention to service and sensitivity is apparent in their day-to-day actions and attitudes. Montefiore nurses strive for excellence in all capacities and advocate for the health and well-being of our patients and their families.

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