Sustainability at Montefiore

Sustainable Action. Positive Impact.Sustainability at Montefiore is about much more than managing the tremendous resources needed to provide our patients with excellent patient care. As a leading healthcare institution dedicated to transforming the future of our field, our goal is to serve as environmental stewards and healthcare innovators for the communities we serve.

This commitment to sustainability is one that we take to heart.

Montefiore employees at all levels of the organization are actively committed to reducing Montefiore’s carbon footprint and energy costs. In fact, everyone from top leadership and trustees to associates and clinicians champion and support such efforts, allowing us to take sustainable actions that ultimately lead to us making a positive impact for current and future generations.

Montefiore promotes a culture that practices and prioritizes sustainability, in all of its various forms, and is one of New York’s most sustainable healthcare institutions, a position accomplished by our commitment to:

  • Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions through aggressive waste and energy reduction programs;
  • Educating staff, patients, their families and the community about the small changes in their daily activities that can have a lasting environmental impact; and
  • Continuously adopting new technologies and collaborating with peers across the entire health system to help us achieve our reduction goals.

Join us in our journey to create a positive impact through sustainable actions. We encourage anyone with an interest to learn about our multidisciplinary commitments system-wide to promote a culture that practices and prioritizes sustainability, in all of its various forms.

To learn more about how we are creating sustainable solutions and leaving a lasting impact, explore our website or call 718-920-2451.