1. Reliability—The Moses cogeneration plant provides a reliable source of electricity for our medical and office buildings. This form of on-site generation reduces the demand on the grid surrounding our campus, making it easier for the local utility to provide our community with a reliable, uninterrupted source of power.
  2. Resiliency—Producing power on-site makes Montefiore a more resilient healthcare provider. We have not been affected by the two largest power outages since the year 2000. In 2003, during the largest blackout in the United States, Montefiore continued to operate at full capacity as a result of the cogeneration plants. In 2012, during Hurricane Sandy, Montefiore’s Moses Campus was able not only to continue operations, but also to accommodate additional patients from nearby hospitals who were impacted by the storm.
  3. Efficiency—On-site power generation operates more efficiently than distribution by local utilities. Much of the power generated is lost while the power is moving from a power plant to your home. Producing power on-site and capturing the heat generated during that process allows Montefiore to increase the overall source fuel use efficiency from roughly 30 to 80 percent.
  4. Emissions—The aforementioned efficiency increase allows Montefiore to utilize less fuel to produce a requisite amount of energy. This results in avoided emissions from the base scenario of being completely grid reliant.