Walk with a Doc Update

We Walked the Walk!

On Saturday, November 21st, Montefiore hosted its first ever “Walk with a Doc” event in the Bronx. Overall, it was a tremendous success with thirty participants and volunteers who were eager to exercise! In addition to walking several laps on a beautiful fall day, participants were given the opportunity to have a free gait analysis. Several people were evaluated and a few participants were identified as potential candidates for AposTherapy. This special event is just the beginning of creating an exercise partnership between community members and Montefiore’s physicians and staff! We are already scheduling weekly “Walk with a Doc” programs each Tuesday during the month of February for Heart Month. Participants will walk the indoor “Montefiore Mile” beginning at 5:30pm after the Rehab Department Grand Rounds.

Our number one goal is to encourage our patients and community members to make healthy lifestyle choices and it all begins with just a few steps! Thank you to all of those who supported our first event and helped to make it possible. We look forward to seeing our residents and faculty participate in our future events. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas to make “Walk with a Doc” even more successful, please feel free to email Dr. Stephen Erosa at serosa@montefiore.org.