AposTherapy at Montefiore

Montefiore launched the AposTherapy program at the Moses campus during October 2015. Under the stewardship of Rehab Department Chairman, Dr. Matthew Bartels and Program Director for the Sports Medicine Fellowship Dr. SeWon Lee, Montefiore will become a contributor to the global research on AposTherapy which is already well under way. Apos stands for “All Phases Of Step cycle.” It is one of the fastest growing physical therapy tools in the 21st century for knee, hip and lower back pain.

AposTherapy was developed in Israel, by orthopedists Dr. Avi Elbaz and Dr. Amit Mor, and is based on an understanding of biomechanics and the central role of the neuromuscular system in the development and the rehabilitation of common orthopedic conditions.

The treatment utilizes a foot-worn biomechanical device, which is individually calibrated by an AposTherapy certified physical therapist. With proper calibration, the device can manage joint pain by manipulating the ground reaction force and reducing the pressure exerted on the joint. It can also improve stability and proprioception through perturbations from the convexity of the pods. Patients using AposTherapy have shown significant improvement in lower back and lower extremity joint pain caused by various conditions like osteoarthritis, meniscus and ligament tears, and hypermobility.

Currently Montefiore employees with Empire Blue cross and Blue Shield are covered for this service as well as patients with Health First insurance coverage. To schedule an evaluation for candidacy please contact Michelle Foster at 718-920-4083 for an appointment.