Chairman's Corner

Fall is here and it is time again to be in touch about the events and happenings in the Rehabilitation Department. We are closing out an amazing 2015 with continued growth and continued progress in new therapies as well as education.

We had a very successful presence at the 2015 AAPMR meeting in Boston with a record number of presentations and posters. Additionally, our alumni event had over 80 attendees and there was another separate evening with a casual get together of friends and alumni that was also well attended.

The interview season for residents and fellows has been marked by amazing interest - over 400 applications for the residency program and a hundred applications for the Pain and Sports medicine fellowships.

Our ongoing relationship with Burke Rehabilitation Hospital continues to thrive, and our residents are becoming more involved with the specialty programs in neurological rehabilitation, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. We are looking forward to also expand research opportunities for our residents and faculty by establishing collaborations and relationships with the faculty in Burke.

The merger of Montefiore and Albert Einstein College of Medicine is now formally completed since September 9th, and will lead to great synergy between the institutions as we grow ever closer. We are looking at opportunities to get closer to the medical school and have engaged in increased teaching of medical students and encouraged ongoing interactions in basic science and clinical years.

Our pediatric rehabilitation program continues to grow with exciting research in pediatric ambulation and the initiation of 3D printing for bracing and prosthetics for pediatric and other populations. Stay tuned as we will profile these programs in future editions of the newsletter. We are particularly excited as our alliances with other institutions in the Lower Hudson Valley will allow for even greater experience for trainees and the provision of care with exciting new technologies to children in the Bronx and the Lower Hudson Valley.

We had a very successful and well received presence at the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) meeting in Washington D.C. on September 11. The focus of the session was using cardiac rehabilitation for stroke and this is a topic that we hope to have greater sway in general as the secondary prevention benefits from cardiac rehabilitation likely can be brought to our patients with stroke as well.

Our residents and faculty continue to have a presence in the community with, for example, the Walk with a Doc program which kick started in November. There will be some photos from this and other events in future newsletters.

We will be having a very large presence at the AAP meeting in Sacramento this coming spring with a record number of resident presentations. We will again be looking to meet with our alumni at the meeting so keep an ear out for future announcements. I look forward to meeting many of you who attend the meeting as we celebrate Montefiore and our resident and fellowship training programs.

As always, I also encourage our alumni and friends who have exciting news to share or questions to reach out and contact me by email or phone for more information about the department and its activities.

Stay warm as the winter weather comes in and enjoy your holidays!

Matthew Bartels, MD, MPH
Professor and Chairman
Arthur Abramson Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Montefiore Medical Center