Visual Arts - Healing Arts at Montefiore

Visual Arts

Visual arts offer a powerful way to explore experiences, communicate perspectives, connect with others, bridge differences, and inspire dialogue on key issues in a manner that draws people in.

Engaging with the arts is also a creative and safe way to help people cope with stress, illness, trauma, addiction and other concerns. Whether creating a simple drawing or collage, looking at art or talking about it, the arts can help you:

  • Express thoughts and emotions that can be hard to put into words
  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Relax and feel calmer and happier
  • Find meaning in life experiences
  • Connect with your deeper self, no matter what you are going through
  • Form new connections with others
  • Create something unique that gives you a sense of pleasure and accomplishment

At Montefiore, we recognize the value of the arts in enhancing patients' hospital experience and quality of life. We also take pride in collaborating with community partners to produce and exhibit community-created artwork. Showcasing community-created art at Montefiore is a unique way to enliven our hospital and health center environments, create links to community organizations, and represent the community members we serve.

Explore the Visual Arts at Montefiore

  • Artist-in-Residence Program—A trained artist leads patients in enjoyable art-making activities while they are receiving chemotherapy treatment at the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care. 
  • Children's Art Exhibit—An annual exhibit at the Wakefield Campus of art created by children in the Creative Classrooms Visual Arts Program.
  • Covered with Love—Nurses and volunteers on the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the Einstein and Wakefield Campuses knit blankets for each infant, for the family to keep.
  • ICP at THE POINT Photography Exhibits—Permanent exhibitions at Montefiore of photographs created by Bronx youth through the International Center of Photography at THE POINT Program.
  • Mothers of Purl Program—Nurses on the Mother-Baby Unit teach expectant mothers with high-risk pregnancies how to knit.
  • Visions of a Healthy Community Murals—Five murals on canvas created by Bronx youth and artists from Groundswell, installed in five of Montefiore's health centers.