Art for Health Program

Art for Health

Family Health Center, Montefiore Medical Center

Art for Health was founded at Montefiore’s Family Health Center (FHC) in 1995 by social worker Joyce Wong, LCSW and Ousara Sophuok, a Family Health Worker.  Art for Health produces art exhibitions at FHC in collaboration with local arts organizations and with strong participation and attendance by members of the community. 

Along with creating a beautiful visual environment at FHC, Art for Health strives to increase recognition of the arts by the local community as a means to engage people and spark dialogue on issues of importance to the community.  Each exhibit centers on timely population and health-related issues and features an opening reception and “Meet the Artist” talk.

Exhibitions to Date

“Cambodian Diaspora”
En Foco, Inc. and Mekong—Artist Pete Pin
This photography exhibit captured Cambodian communities across the United States, documenting the lives and struggles of survivors and direct descendants of those who survived the Khmer Rouge regime. Click here for the exhibit’s flyer.

Bronx Museum of the Arts—Artist Dinh Le
This series of woven portraits examined bicultural experiences resulting from migration and resettlement. The works were based on a technique from Vietnamese tradition for weaving grass mats that Le’s aunt taught him as a child. The artist worked with youth from the local community to introduce his weaving technique and to teach them how to make their own woven portraits in a 4-week workshop.  The creations from this workshop were exhibited at FHC.

En Foco, Inc.—Artist Gerald Cyrus
This personal documentary series of black-and-white photographs explored the spirit of kinship that develops when people who are close to each other interact. The exhibit specifically “portrays a segment of the African American population that is generally absent from most media depictions of Black Americans” (Artist Statement).

“Triage: The Crisis in Healthcare”
Artists: Penny Coleman, Ricky Flores, Steve Gelber, Steve Kasher, Andrew Lichtenstein, Dona Ann McAdams, Marilyn Nance, Wayne Roland, Mel Rosenthal, Linda Rosier, Sy Rubin, Shawn Walker, Ken Wittenberg
The Triage Project is a collective of over 20 photographers, writers, doctors, editors, and activists who share concern for our city and its people.  This exhibit of black-and-white documentary photography reflected on the healthcare crisis affecting people nationwide. Through the images captured, the exhibit strove to make visible the areas in which the healthcare system works and those areas in which it breaks down.

Public Mural Project
Bronx Museum of the Arts—Artist Audrey Wong
This project created a public mural on the facade of FHC. Local youth participated in an 8-week workshop developing landscape imagery as metaphors for personal and cultural histories. Artist Audrey Wong’s own mixed media works have used landscapes as an integral way to address environmental and socio-political issues. The project culminated with a block party and health fair as part of the unveiling of the mural. 

Organizational Partners

En Foco, Inc. is a nonprofit that nurtures and supports contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of diverse cultures, primarily U.S. residents of Latino, African and Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific.  En Foco’s Touring Gallery exhibitions feature presentations by emerging photographers in community spaces throughout NYC.

Mekong is dedicated to empowering and improving the quality of life the Southeast Asian community in the Bronx and NYC. The organization works toward equity through community organizing and healing, promoting arts, culture and language, and creating a safety net by improving access to essential social services. 

The Bronx Museum of the Arts is a contemporary art museum that connects diverse audiences to the urban experience through its permanent collection, special exhibitions and education programs. Since its founding in 1971, the Museum has helped make art accessible to the entire Bronx community by connecting with local schools, artists, teens, and families through its education initiatives and public programs.

Contact Information

Joyce Wong, LCSW
Montefiore Family Health Center
One Fordham Plaza, 5th floor
Bronx, NY 10458
718-933-2400 x4112