Research and Clinical Trials

One of the key missions of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center is advancing our current, specialized research projects. Our research endeavors are focused on addressing the particular needs and conditions that most affect our patients and the community we serve.

Current Treatments

We are currently exploring different regimens of medications for acute pain to determine how best we can treat our patients. An attending physician conducts ongoing clinical studies analyzing smoking cessation methodologies to help smokers achieve their goal of quitting. Candidates are supplied with patches and received counseling and follow-up consultations to track their progress.

Benjamin W. Friedman, MD, conducts clinical studies in migraines, nausea, and acute lower back pain. The findings from many our studies have been published in emergency medicine literature and other medical journals.

We also provide germane health care information and education to the surrounding community to promote good health and wellness.