Emergency Medicine - Professional Training Programs - New York City - Montefiore Medical Center

The Montefiore Medical Center Emergency Department provides care to all adult and pediatric patients who present for evaluation. The care provided is a function of the severity of the patient's presenting illness. Initial evaluation and treatment of life and limb threatening illnesses or injuries, with appropriate consultation, referral, and admission, is our most important triage and treatment function. In addition, we evaluate and initiate treatment and/or referral for other illnesses and/or social problems that patients that present to our Emergency Department have. Neither social condition nor ability to pay affects this initial Emergency Department function.

We are also a major teaching and research unit of Montefiore, a tertiary care hospital. We are actively integrated into the academic life of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Medical Center.

We are the major, often only, access to medical care and education for large segments of our catchment area. We provide ongoing health care, information, and education to this community.

To ensure that the services that we are providing are of the highest quality, we have developed a comprehensive Quality Improvement Program to systematically measure and evaluate, on an ongoing and continuous basis, the quality of care that we are providing.