Weight Reduction Surgery - Benefits of Weight Reduction Surgery - Bronx, New York City - Montefiore Medical Center

Bariatric surgery is considered to be an excellent option for many obese and morbidly obese patients who have not had lasting success with non-surgical weight loss methods. Though results may not be immediate, bariatric surgery facilitates significant weight loss and, as a result, helps many people reduce or eliminate significant health-related obesity problems, including high blood pressure, high blood sugar, sleep apnea, cardiovascular problems and high cholesterol. In addition, early and positive results often provide patients the motivation they need to begin and maintain a healthy nutritional and exercise regime.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Almost all of our weight reduction procedures are performed laparoscopically. Laparoscopic methods allow our surgeons to make much smaller incisions than in traditional open surgery which usually reduces the length of hospital stay, the amount of scarring and post-surgical complications, and results in quicker recovery than open procedures. In fact, gastric banding often is performed on an out-patient basis, eliminating the need for an overnight hospital stay.