We are continually researching and developing supportive therapies to improve the results of our surgical endeavors. Innovations in imaging and scanning technology have allowed us to perfect the precision of many surgical procedures, reducing surgery time and decreasing patient discomfort.

Our state-of-the-art facilities incorporate the latest technologies and advancements in surgery, providing our patients with the best treatments and care available anywhere in the nation.

Pioneers in Minimally Invasive Techniques

Montefiore has a proven reputation for managing even the most delicate and complex surgeries with overwhelmingly positive outcomes. In addition to excellence in traditional open surgery, Montefiore is a leader in minimally invasive surgery. This extraordinary advancement for patient comfort and safety uses specially designed equipment, such as the daVinci robotic system, and techniques to perform surgery via small incisions.

The benefits of minimally invasive procedures are many, including less pain and scarring, fewer complications, reduced hospital stay and a faster return to normal activity. Montefiore develops and adopts new approaches in surgical performance to provide our patients with superior results and minimal inconvenience. In many areas, we have replaced open surgery entirely with less invasive methods.

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