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An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a myriad of serious health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, lung/respiratory disease, osteoarthritis, some forms of cancer, depression and more. In many cases, drastic changes are necessary in order to achieve optimal health.

Change of any kind is hard, but it is possible. Whether you are about to undergo weight reduction surgery, have already undergone the procedure or are just interested in making healthier decisions about what you eat, Montefiore Medical Center is here to help patients achieve their goals.

The Department of Surgery offers health tips for patients through the following links:

Healthy Eating

Montefiore's physicians and nutrition experts have been featured throughout various media outlets to discuss healthy eating tips. Find out about different foods and how to incorporate them into your diet. Learn the pros and cons of the many diets hitting the market. Discover how healthy eating can change your life. Learn more about healthy eating.

Nutrition Tip of the Week

Montefiore understands that change takes time. Small changes are important to achieving maximum health in the long-run. Each week, the medical center's doctors and health experts will provide nutrition tips to help get you started. Incorporating each tip into your own health plan will lead to a healthier, longer life. Discover the latest nutrition tips.