The decision to undergo weight reduction surgery should not be easy. Like all major life-altering decisions, it is important that patients are well informed before deciding to have the procedure performed.

Those interested in weight reduction surgery should take the initiative and learn about the different procedures available to them and which procedures are covered by their insurance. They should also understand their current health, have a set of goals regarding their weight, be attentive to their physician's instructions and understand that the road to a healthier body does not end when the surgery is complete. Commitment is the key to success.

Montefiore Medical Center has many resources available to patients ready to undertake this strong commitment to their health, including:


Just choosing weight reduction surgery to lose weight is not the right decision to make. Surgical weight loss seminars are an important first step in determining if the decision is right for you. A panel of medical experts, including a nutritionist, surgeon, physician assistant and nurse will be on hand to provide basic facts about the procedure and answer any questions from patients. Learn more about surgical weight loss seminars.

Support Programs

Weight reduction surgery involves a lot of changes. Patients must maintain a certain level of health before and after the procedure. At the same time, they may have concerns about the surgery or find it difficult to adjust to the new physical and dietary changes required of them as they enter a new phase in their life.

Through Montefiore's support programs, run jointly by specialists from the medical center's clinical team, as well as patients in the community, those about to enter surgery or those who have completed the surgery can ease their minds and receive the support they need to achieve optimum fitness. Learn more about weight loss support programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important for patients going into weight reduction surgery to be fully informed. Montefiore has prepared answers for commonly asked questions about the surgery, the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the procedure, details on insurance and important information that must be known before and after surgery. View the frequently asked questions.