Information for Patients - Spiritual Care - Montefiore Medical Center

Montefiore’s Office of Religious Affairs recognizes each patient as an individual with personal values and belief systems. As such, we support the rights of the patient to express their values and beliefs by providing chaplaincy and religious services through which the spiritual needs of patients, caregivers and family members can be met. The chaplains work collaboratively to provide comfort, solace and guidance to individuals experiencing anxiety-producing circumstances as a result of illness or hospitalization. Each person’s spirituality is a vital component of his or her total well-being, and one that we hold in the highest regard. Hence, these spiritual leaders assist patients and families in the use of faith and other resources to realize their optimum health.

The chapels and synagogue at Montefiore are available for prayer, meditation and serenity seven days a week.

When spiritual services are needed, requests can be made through the patient’s nurse, by calling the Operator, or by reaching out to Customer Service at 718-920-4943. Every effort will be made to contact a spiritual leader most appropriate to the patient or family’s religious network.