Bronx RHIO

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What is the Bronx RHIO?

The Bronx Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) is a centralized, secure, electronic health information exchange that makes it possible for patients' medical records to follow them when they seek care from any provider in the Bronx who is a member of the RHIO network.  The health information exchange achieves this by integrating clinical information drawn from multiple sources and sites into a virtual medical record that will be available to providers, such as Montefiore, in the Bronx RHIO network.

Participating providers, including hospitals, health systems, ambulatory care centers, individual physician offices, long-term care and home care services, will have vital health information when and where it is needed, enabling significant improvements in patient safety, health outcomes and practice efficiencies. Providers in the Bronx RHIO network can quickly access information on lab and test results, medical history, prescribed medicines and other reports. 

Is the shared information kept private and confidential?

Patients can choose whether or not clinicians can access their data in the Bronx RHIO. Doctors and others involved in patient care may see and share health information through the Bronx RHIO only if patients sign a consent form. Federal and state laws protect privacy and confidentiality-the Bronx RHIO does not share health information with anyone who is not involved in patients' care and who is not a member of the Bronx RHIO.

How do I sign up?

Montefiore is providing consent forms and encouraging participation at Montefiore Medical Group and Faculty Practice sites, Emergency Departments and the Admitting offices. You can also download a consent form here (English | Spanish)  print it out, fill it out, and bring it to your participating provider.

To learn more about the Bronx RHIO and how to participate, visit If you are a physician interested in gaining access to the Bronx RHIO, contact Noel Brown, MD, at 718-405-4230 or