Jewish Orthodox Service and Care

Montefiore Medical Center continues to look for opportunities to meet the cultural and religious needs of the patients we serve. We understand that these needs can affect the quality of care our patients receive. As such, Montefiore is proud of its long history of service to the Jewish Orthodox community. We recognize each patient as an individual with personal values and beliefs, and provide chaplaincy/religious services through which patients' spiritual needs can be met.

The services we provide include:

The Yehuda Memorial Center

The Yehuda Memorial Center, a hospitality room for Jewish visitors and families, has been established at the West Campus. This special room will provide a place for quiet contemplation, prayer and rest. Please speak with your nurse should your visitor need a place to stay overnight during the Sabbath or a holiday.

Bikur Cholim Services

Bikur Cholim is a Hebrew term that encompasses a wide range of activities performed by an individual or a group to provide comfort and support to people who are ill, homebound, isolated and/or otherwise in distress. Montefiore provides this service so that patients can receive what the Jewish community believes is a moral and spiritual obligation that they must all perform.

Kosher Food

Our Orthodox Jewish patients have specific dietary needs. We provide these patients with kosher food. In addition, the cafeteria at Jack D. Weiler hospital is operated under rabbinical supervision in accordance with Jewish dietary laws.

Montefiore also provides medical team support groups for the Jewish Orthodox community and makes every effort to educate its staff on cultural sensitivities, including the knowledge of how certain holidays could affect a Jewish patient's stay if they are admitted prior to its observance.