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Transcatheter aortic-valve replacement (TAVR) surgery is a ground-breaking therapy for the treatment of aortic valve disease that is now available at Montefiore. This is a very exciting addition to our repertoire because it means that, for the first time, we can offer patients who were formerly deemed high risk for conventional surgery a promising option for their valvular disease.. Below are related stories about the program, our patients and our team members:

Offering Hope for the Once Inoperable

For generations of patients with severe aortic stenosis who have been deemed too sick for surgery, this has been the harsh reality. However, a groundbreaking clinical study-called the Placement of Aortic Transcatheter Valves (PARTNER) trial-has opened the door to an innovative treatment option that is now offering many of these individuals a chance at life. Read the Heartline Newsletter article on the launch of the TAVR program.

TAVR: Extending and Improving the Golden Years

Montefiore performed its first transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) cases in August, giving elderly patients with severe aortic stenosis who were too ill for surgery a chance at a better quality of life. "We've been recruiting patients since March and have evaluated more than 30 people to date," says David Slovut, MD, PhD, Director, Advanced Interventional Therapy, Montefiore. "Typically these patients are over the age of 80, have significant co-morbidities and are symptomatic—meaning that they are experiencing pain in the chest, shortness of breath or syncope." Read the Heartline Newsletter patient story on 94-year-old James Charlton.

A Man with a Mission

"Montefiore is unique in that we have this assemblage of world-class surgeons who choose to focus their efforts on caring for patients in the Bronx," says Dr. DeRose. "My job is to work with many of these doctors to identify and pursue new clinical avenues for Montefiore that will both further our mission to the community and solidify our position as a national leader." Read the Heartline Newsletter article on the new Division Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Cardiologists Bring Experience and Expertise to Montefiore

Those who choose to practice at Montefiore are highly dedicated individuals who embrace the idea that their skills do indeed make a difference in the lives of their patients, many of them living with complex cardiovascular disease and co-morbidities such as diabetes or obesity. Find out more about Dr. Anna Bortnick.