Diagnostic Tests for Heart and Vascular Disease - New York - Montefiore

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Symptoms of heart and vascular disease can often be controlled if diagnosed and treated early. Specialists at Montefiore Einstein Center for Heart and Vascular Care employ the most advanced technology and techniques available to achieve a precise diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

For those who already have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, diagnostic testing can offer insight into whether treatments are working correctly and whether or not additional treatment options need to be evaluated.

Whenever possible, Montefiore employs the most minimally invasive diagnostic procedures, but regardless of the procedure, the goal of diagnostic testing is to help patients maintain a healthy heart and prevent serious medical emergencies in the future.

Diagnostic testing options offered at Montefiore include:

Noninvasive Diagnostic Testing

Patients who receive noninvasive diagnostic testing do not have to worry about needles, instruments or fluids being inserted into the body. Examples of noninvasive diagnostic testing include devices that measure heartbeats over a specific period of time or devices that take images of the heart without having to enter the body to conduct the procedure. Learn more about noninvasive diagnostic testing offered at Montefiore.

Electrophysiology Studies

An electrophysiological study (EP study) is an invasive procedure that tests the heart's electrical system. An EP study can help physicians determine whether or not a patient is suffering from an irregular heartbeat. The procedure also helps determine the best type of procedure to employ to correct the irregularity and could be used to assess the procedure's effectiveness. Learn more about electrophysiology studies at Montefiore.

Cardiac Imaging

Montefiore Einstein Center for Heart and Vascular Care's cardiac imaging program is among the largest in New York City and uses cutting-edge technology to create clear images of the heart to help doctors better evaluate heart conditions and diseases affecting their patients. Learn more about the cardiac imaging options offered at Montefiore.