Post Graduate Placement of Residents 2012-Present


Danielle Bottalico - H&N fellowship, Cleveland Clinic

Scott Gorthey – General Otolaryngology, Academics

Viraj Patel - Rhinology Fellowship, Duke

Ariel Thal - H&N fellowship, Medical University of South Carolina


Yasmina Ahmed – Private practice, northern New Jersey

Cristin Cusumano – Private practice (ENTA), New York

Sydney Jiang – Private practice, Indiana

Juliette Flam – Private practice, targeting NY metro region


Christina Fang – Rhinology Fellowship, Rutgers

Nigar Ahmedli – Facial Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery
>The Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery, Rochester, NY

Andrew Lee – Private practice, Maryland

JD Wilcox – Academic General ORL, Jacobi Medical Center, Bronx


Facial Plastic Fellowship, University of Chicago

General Otolaryngology, Maui, Hawaii

General Otolaryngology, Crystal Run, Middletown, NY

Pediatric Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh


Rhinology Fellowship, Thomas Jefferson Medical Center

Facial Plastics Fellowship, University of Chicago

General Otolaryngology, ENTA, Bronx, NY

Laryngology Fellowship, UCLA


Head & Neck Oncology Fellowship, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Laryngology Fellowship, Oregon Health and Science University

Rhinology & Skull Base Fellowship, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

General Otolaryngology, McAllen, TX


Head & Neck Oncology and Microvascular Reconstruction Fellowship, University of North Carolina

Laryngology Fellowship, New York Center for Voice and Swallowing Disorders

Laryngology Fellowship, University of Washington

Pediatrics Fellowship, Washington University


Rhinology and Skull Base Fellowship, Emory University

Head & Neck and Reconstructive Fellowship, University of Toronto

Laryngology Fellowship, University of Texas San Antonio

Pediatrics Fellowship, University of Colorado


Pediatrics Fellowship, Baylor

Pediatrics Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh

Pediatrics Fellowship, DuPont Hospital in Wilmington, DE

Neurotology Fellowship, Vanderbilt


Pediatric Fellowship, Nemours Hospital

Plastics Fellowship, Richmond

Plastic Fellowship, Beverly Hills

Academic General ORL, AECOM


Laryngology Fellowship, UCLA

Laryngology Fellowship, St Luke’s-Roosevelt

Neurotology Fellowship, NYU

Pediatric Fellowships, Johns Hopkins


Pediatric Fellowship, UCSD

Laryngology Fellowship, UCLA

Plastics Fellowship, Beverly Hills

Neurotology Fellowship, U Pittsburgh


Plastics Fellowship, Baylor

Pediatrics Fellowship, CHOP

Rhinology Fellowship, Boston (St. Elizabeth’s)

Rhinology Fellowship, Florida Sinus Institute


Head and Neck Fellowship, MD Anderson

Otology Private Practice, Seattle

Plastic/Reconstructive Fellowship, UMiami

General ORL, Phoenix


Pediatric Fellowship, Boston Children’s

General ORL, Long Island

General ORL, San Francisco (Keiser)

General ORL, New Jersey

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