Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Clinic

The Velopharyngeal Dysfunction (VPD) Clinic consists of a a multidisciplinary team of pediatric otorhinolaryngologists as well as speech-language pathologists who specialize in the evaluation and medical and surgical treatment of patients with hypernasality and other resonance disorders.

The goal is to assess the patient’s speech, resonance, velopharyngeal function and treatment plan. Through a comprehensive team assessment, these specialists try to determine the cause of the speech problem and the contributing factors.

Renowned Specialists

Nicole Scafura, MS, CCC-SLP; Michelle Hesari, MS, CCC-SLP; Emily Stoddard, MS, CCC-SLP; Hannah Tahhan-Jackson, MS, CCC-SLP


Michel Nassar, MD, Director

Michelle Foster, Speech Coordinator