Research and Clinical Trials

With more than 30 years of funding from the National Institutes of Health, the otorhinolaryngology staff at Montefiore Medical Center are pioneers in the research and treatment of disorders affecting the ear, nose and throat.

While pioneers in this field, out staff understands that the only way to realize true innovation in the types of treatments we can offer patients is to avoid being stagnant and constantly push boundaries in terms of the research and clinical studies we conduct. This understanding helps us turn the hypothetical into the gold standard.

Some highlights from the department's current research activities include:

  • molecular biology of protection, repair and replenishment of inner ear cells which enable us to hear;
  • effects of otitis media in infants and children;
  • developmental biology of the inner ear;
  • the biology of language abnormalities in children (Specific Language Impairment- SLI );
  • autism;
  • biology of language acquistion;
  • sinus physiology;
  • clinical studies of the treatment of head and neck cancer;
  • swallowing abnormalitites in infants and children.