Pediatric Vestibular Clinic

The Pediatric Vestibular Clinic evaluates and treats children with symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. Patients with symptoms of unexplained dizziness/vertigo, frequent falls, periodic episodes of nausea/vomiting, or clumsiness may be candidates for the clinic. Our expert team of multidisciplinary specialists understand the way that balance disorders and dizziness can adversely affect gross motor development, neurocognition, and quality of life. Patients are evaluated on the same day by an audiologist who performs hearing and balance testing, as well as a pediatric ear, nose and throat physician and a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. After evaluation in the clinic, an individualized treatment plan is developed, which may include a course of vestibular rehabilitation exercises, medications, or referral to other subspecialists.

Renowned Specialists

Monika Desai, MD; Mahindra Ramdhanie, AuD


Alanna Windsor, MD, Director

Eva Pabafikos, Manager