Meet the Adult Kidney Transplant Physicians
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Meet the Adult Kidney Transplant Physicians

Team Leaders

Kinkhabwala, Milan M., MD

Kinkhabwala, Milan M., MD Surgery
Title Chief, Transplantation
Director, Abdominal Transplantation
Medical Education Cornell University Medical College

Akalin, Enver, MD

Akalin, Enver, MD Transplant Hepatology (Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas), Nephrology (Kidney)
Title Medical Director, Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation
Medical Education Ege Universitesi

Rocca, Juan P., MD

Rocca, Juan P., MD Surgery
Title Surgical Director, Kidney Transplantation
Medical Education Universidad De Buenos Aires

Team Members

Ajaimy, Maria, MD

Ajaimy, Maria, MD Nephrology (Kidney), Internal Medicine
Medical Education Lebanese University

Al Azzi, Yorg, MD

Al Azzi, Yorg, MD Nephrology (Kidney)
Medical Education Saint Joseph University

Graham, Jay A., MD

Graham, Jay A., MD Surgery
Medical Education Georgetown University School of Medicine

Greenstein, Stuart M., MD

Greenstein, Stuart M., MD Surgery
Medical Education Harvard Medical School