Liver Transplant Evaluation

Patients are evaluated at the Liver Program by several members of the team, including a hepatologist (liver specialist), surgeon, nurse coordinator, social worker, nutritionist and a financial counselor. Additional consultations are sometimes required. We provide an extensive educational process for the patient and family members, and we answer all possible questions. Language translation is offered for non-English-speaking patients. We work closely with the primary doctors to evaluate each patient thoroughly. The evaluation process includes blood and imaging tests (CT scan, ultrasound).

After the workup is completed, the test results and consultations are discussed at a selection meeting. The group determines whether liver transplantation is appropriate or if alternative treatments are indicated. Not everyone needs a liver transplant. If the evaluation finds that liver transplant is not the best treatment, the team will review alternative options for the condition. If liver transplantation is recommended, the patient will be registered on a waiting list with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) until a suitable liver becomes available.