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Information for Medical Students

Medical students are welcome to enroll in a fourth-year away elective at the Sol and Evelyn Henkind Eye Institute at the Moses campus of the Montefiore Hospital Center. Montefiore hospital is the affiliated hospital of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. During the one month elective, medical students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to the wide variety of sub-specialties within clinical ophthalmology, including: General Clinic Ophthalmology, Cornea, Glaucoma, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Oculoplastics, Pediatrics, and Vitreoretinal Diseases.

Working alongside our residents, students can be expected to learn the basics of the general ophthalmology exam, including slit-lamp and indirect ophthalmology examinations, as well as basic refraction techniques. 

The 4-week elective will primarily take place at the Henkind clinic on the first floor of the Medical Arts Pavilion at the Moses campus. Upon the start of the rotation, students will be given a medical student handbook which includes detailed information regarding the rotation. Students are encouraged to attend all weekly didactic lectures, conferences, and grand rounds. Students will also be allowed to observe surgeries in the operating rooms. Students are encouraged to begin working-up patients individually under the close guidance of a senior resident early on in the rotation. Additionally, students will be required to present a case they observed. Medical students will be evaluated by residents and faculty based on their participation, clinical knowledge, and oral presentation skills. Feedback will be given on an on-going basis so as to maximize learning and allow students to address any questions. 

How to Apply

Albert Einstein College of Medicine students, please email Margaret Kealy.

Students in the United States and Canada must apply through the Visiting Students Application Service.