Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences – Resources – New York City – Montefiore Medical Center

Vision is a vital function of our everyday lives, which is why vision loss and disorders of the eye can be harrowing and emotional experiences. Montefiore Medical Center offers a number of resources to inform and assist patients dealing with an eye or vision disorder.

Follow-Up Care

Proper care after eye surgery—be it LASIK to correct a vision problem, a corneal transplant or cataract surgery—is essential to recovery and maintaining healthy eyes.  Learn more about what to do after an eye procedure.

Support Services

The vision team at Montefiore understands the emotional toll that comes with vision loss, and seeks to treat patients in a comprehensive and holistic way. Click here to learn more about our support services.

Eye Health Podcast

Learn more about Montefiore's Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences in this podcast, featuring Department Chairman Dr. Roy Chuck. In an interview, Dr. Chuck discusses the vision services the department offers, explains the difference corneal transplants and corneal stem cell surgery, as well as current eye research being conducted at Montefiore and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.