Follow-Up Care

Montefiore Medical Center's specialists offer the most current and effective treatments for a variety of different eye conditions, and the most up-to-date procedures in all areas of ophthalmology. Nearly all of our surgeries are performed on a convenient outpatient basis, and more than 100,000 patient visits are conducted yearly at our outpatient clinics. Proper care after surgery is essential to recovery and maintaining healthy eyes.

After Surgery

After any type of eye surgery, you should talk in detail with your doctor about what you should and shouldn't do when you get home. Even though you may feel fine, you should take it easy. Avoid strenuous activities. You may need to wear eye protection the first day. Avoid rubbing your eyes, and refrain from drinking alcohol for the first 24 hours.

In the first few weeks following eye surgery, you may need to wait until resuming certain everyday activities that rely heavily on vision. You should talk to your doctor about what activities are okay immediately after the procedure, and which ones will take time. For example, you may be told to avoid driving a car for several days or even a week after your surgery.

Long-Term Care

The best way to check the health of your eyes is to get regular eye exams. You should have your eyes checked right after an eye procedure, as you may need new glasses to fine-tune your prescription to any vision changes caused by the surgery. Going forward, make sure to schedule an eye exam at least once a year.

After Cataract Surgery: Secondary Cataracts

After surgical treatment for a cataract, it is possible to develop a secondary cataract, or "after-cataract." This occurs when part of the natural lens not removed during cataract surgery becomes cloudy and blurs vision, and can happen months or even years after the original surgery. A secondary cataract, however, is usually not painful and can often be treated easily in your eye doctor's office.

Laser treatment (YAG capsulotomy) is a painless procedure, and only takes a few minutes. A laser beam is used to make a small opening in the eye's capsule, allowing more light to enter. It will improve your vision right away.